Environmental Hydroelectric Power Plant Project

The Environmental Hydroelectric Power Plant Project operates around the Environmental Protection Area (EPA) Represa Bairro in Atibaia- SP where the CENAP headquarters is located. This dam was built in 1928 to generate energy and during its functioning, supplied energy not just for Atibaia, but also for other cities, such as Jarinu, Bragança Paulista and Bom Jesus dos Perdões. It closed in January 1970. At the time, Companhia Energética de São Paulo took over the energy sourcing of the city. Due to its environmental importance, in September 4, 1986, EPA Represa Bairro da Usina, instituted by Federal Law 5.280, was created. It embraces an imaginary line around the reservoir for spring water protection. Although the law protects EPA region and surroundings, it has been suffering numerous environmental impacts, such as inappropriate use and occupation of the land, littering of places including the reservoir, predatory tourism and even poaching. In this regard, it is essential that the community in the surroundings be given the opportunity to reflect on their attitudes, as well as to come up with ideas to minimize the problems.

Environmental education can enable interconnections and contribute to conservation considering natural, economic, social, cultural and historical aspects. For this purpose, three groups will be involved in the project: Scholars, local residents and students. They will participate in specifically divided activities through the following steps:


  1. Establishing partnership with local institutions to strengthen our proposal;
  2. Capacitation of Environmental agents;
  3. Interaction with children;
  4. Interaction with adults;
  5. Evaluation and promotion of the Projects´s results;
  6. Training of educators.

One of the results will be to publish interactive educational material (1000 copies) during the execution of the presented activities. We expect this project to set an example to future proposals that broaden this area of expertise.


Main Objective:

The Environmental Hydroelectric Power Plant Project aims to promote environmental education in this area through activities developed by CENAP in partnership with FAAT- Atibaia Colleges, Pro-Carnivoros Institute and Educador Paulo Freire Community School

The main objective is to bring Bairro da Usina community closer to activities in the research center and participating institutes through active workshops developed with local population and their students.

Operational area


Responsible team

Execution Team:

Biólogo Ricardo Boulhosa/Bióloga Juliana Demori Fernandes – Pró-Carnívoros
MSc. Micheli Kowalczuk Machado – FAAT – Faculdades Atibaia
Biólogo Francisco Chen de Araújo – CENAP/ICMBio



Andréia Sampaio dos Santos
Cintia Aparecida do Nascimento
Conceição Aparecida Ferreira Egidio
Érica Cristina Cardoso Ribeiro
Mie Kato
Ivanildo Soares da Rocha

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