Top Predators in Atlantic Rainforest

Top Predators- An Alternative Tool for Biodiversity Conservation in Atlantic Rainforest.

This project is being developed through technical and scientific partnership between Pro-Carnivoros Institute and Votorantim in Legado das Águas- Votorantim Reserve. The objective is to use top predators, such as the puma (Puma concolor) and possibly the jaguar (Panthera onca), as conservation tools in the project scope “Legado das Águas”. This will be accomplished through evaluation and monitoring of both species in Votorantim Reserve in the Atlantic Rainforest.

After gathering information on the local fauna species by camera traps, our team will perform a campaign to capture and mark jaguars with radio collars equipped with GPS/ Satellite units. This enables us to analyze their movement patterns and behavior.

Jaguar traces (Panthera onca) were found in the referred area, but no images have been captured yet.  We are keeping an eye on it. Soon we will provide more detailed information.

Operational area


Responsible team

Project coordinator and technical manager

Dra. Sandra M. C. Cavalcanti



Sandra M. C. Cavalcanti
Ermeson Vilalba
Raphael de Oliveira
Matheus Destro Rosa
Elaine Izabel de Moura

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