Pumas in the Tietê River Basin

Pumas in the Tietê River Basin- The use of a top predator as a tool for biodiversity conservation in the State of São Paulo.

The project aims to obtain information on puma ecology in a highly fragmented environment. This information is not only important to support species conservation, but also serves as baseline to evaluate environmental health of the areas under AES Tietê influence. The information collected by the project will allow management decisions concerning the puma and contribute to biological integrity of the remaining fragmented natural vegetation in the State of São Paulo.

The project began in November 2013 with familiarization and recognition of the study area, covering roads, cart-roads and trails. We also interviewed local community about sightings and traces of pumas. Next, our team installed camera traps in strategic places for local fauna gathering. After 12 consecutive months of photographic gathering, the project evolved to capturing and marking phase. The pumas were placed with radio collars equipped with GPS/ Satellite so pattern movements and adopted diets could be analyzed.  Work on the project is in full swing… Soon, we will provide more detailed information!

Operational area


Responsible team

Coordinator and Technical Manager

Dra. Sandra M. C. Cavalcanti



Sandra M. C. Cavalcanti
Ermeson Vilalba
Raphael de Oliveira
Matheus Destro Rosa
Elaine Izabel de Moura

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