Impact Quantification of hydroelectric reservoirs and changes in the usage of rivers upon the biodiversity of Brazilian Amazon

Hydroelectric reservoirs and changes in the usage of rivers affect semi-aquatic species. To engage multiple interested parties (from children up to local landowners and hydroelectric companies), researchers have decided to direct their studies to species that use the river. Therefore, species such as giant otters, neotropical otters and freshwater turtles were chosen, so we can accomplish our goal of engagement with the community, research and biodiversity conservation.

The project takes place in the state of Amapá, around the National Forest of Amapá (FLONA). FLONA Amapá has approximately 412,000 ha and is home to a sheer fauna of medium to large sized vertebrates, including endangered and rare species, like the bush dog (Speothos venaticus).

The project uses different types of methods to accomplish its goals, including census   along the river on motorized boats, and environmental educational work among many others.

Operational area


Responsible team

Project Coordinators:

Darren Norris
James Gibbs



Darrren Norris
Fernanda Michalski
Elis Lima Perrone
Érico Emed Kauano

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