Conservation Status Evaluation of Felines in Parque das Neblinas, Bertioga, SP

The Atlantic Rainforest biome has been devastated for more than 500 years. Nowadays, there are only a few significant sized areas left, such as Serra do Mar State Park, one of the largest areas for resilient fauna conservation. Therefore, it is of great importance to join efforts for the conservation of areas such as these. They offer necessary resources for the survival and maintenance of the mammal community (medium and large sized), including top predadors, like felines. With this in mind, the study will be conducted in Parque das Neblinas, a remaining fragment of  the Atlantic Rainforest biome adjacent to Serra do Mar State Park. The main objective is to evaluate conservation status through estimated population density and relative abundance of the following five local feline species: ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), oncilla (L. tigrinus), margay (L. wiedii), Puma (Puma concolor), and jaguarundi (P. yagouaroundi). The methodology will be to register species using camera traps systematically distributed in 10 stations (2 per station 1 km apart) among the three studied areas. Data will be analyzed by PRESENCE® software to estimate occupation probability and population density sampled. The results obtained will allow the description of the feline community structure and its distribution.  Such information is important to subsidize management plans aiming medium to long term conservation of these species and local ecosystems.

Operational area


Responsible team

Project’s coordenador:

Dra. Kátia Ferraz, bióloga


MSc. Maísa Ziviani, bióloga
Dra. Cláudia Bueno de Campos

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