Rocha, D. G. da, Ramalho, E. E., Alvarenga, G. C., Gräbin, D. M., & Magnusson, W. E. (2015). Records of the bush dog (Speothos venaticus) in Central Amazonia, Brazil. Journal of Mammalogy, 96(6), 1361–1364.

Ano de publicação: 2015

The bush dog (Speothos venaticus) is a small Neotropical canid. Although its distribution covers the entire Amazon basin, the occurrence of bush dogs in vast areas of the Amazon remains hypothetical. The records of bush dogs presented in this study reduce a large gap in the known distribution of the species in Central Amazonia and include the 1st documentation of the species from forest seasonally flooded by black water (Igapó).


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