Michalski, L. J., Oliveira, T. G. De, & Michalski, F. (2015). New record for bush dog in Amapá State , Eastern Brazilian Amazonia. Canid News, 18(2), 3–5.

Ano de publicação: 2015

Bush dogs are considered one of the lesser-known canids of South America. We report an update on their distribution in the north region of Brazil. Three bush dogs were filmed by a camera trap in Amapá National Forest, Eastern Brazilian Amazonia. The record occurred during data collection for a long-term study of medium and large vertebrates. On 28 March 2014 at 22:13h, three bush dogs passed in front of the camera. This record increases knowledge on the distribution of the species. Despite its large geographic range, bush dogs Speothos venaticus (Lund, 1842) have been proven to be extremely difficult to locate in the wild (DeMatteo and Loiselle.

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