Silveira, L., Boulhosa, R., Astete, S., & Jácomo, A. T. A. (2008). Management of domestic livestock predation by jaguars in Brazil. Cat News, May, 26–30.

Ano de publicação: 2007

In Brazil, the conflict between jaguars and ranchers has a considerable impact on jaguar populations. Here, the applicability of techniques used worldwide to manage the conflict between large predators and humans to examine management options for the jaguar-rancher conflict across the country‘s different biomes is evaluated. Major conflict zones in Brazil are mapped. Property zoning is recommended for the Amazon and smaller properties in the Pantanal. For the Caatinga, Atlantic Forest and partially the Cerrado, smaller scale approaches like guard animals or electric fences are applicable. Major conflict zones are located in the northwest of Brazil. Apart from the technical challenge, there is a political issue that must be tackled, namely, ascertaining who is responsible for developing and executing control measures for predator-human conflict in the country.


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