Oliveira, T. G. De. (2009). Notes on the distribution, status, and research priorities of little-known small carnivores in Brazil. In Small Carnivore Conservation (Vol. 41).

Ano de publicação: 2009

Ten species of small carnivores occur in Brazil, including four procyonids, four mustelids (excluding otters), and two mephitids. On the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species eight are assessed as Least Concern and two as Data Deficient. The state of knowledge of small carnivores is low compared to other carnivores: they are among the least known of all mammals in Brazil. The current delineation of Bassaricyon and Galictis congeners appears suspect and not based on credible information. Research needs include understanding distributions , ecology and significant evolutionary units, with emphasis on the Amazon Weasel Mustela africana.

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