Magioli, M., Bovo, A. A. A., Alberici, V., & De Barros Ferraz, K. M. P. M. (2019). The use of hair traps as a complementary method in mammal ecology studies. Mammalia, 83(2), 144–149.

Ano de publicação: 2019

This study describes the use of hair traps as a complementary method to obtain samples for stable isotope analysis from medium-and large-sized mammals. We sampled three protected areas within the Atlantic Forest, Brazil. Traps formed an enclosure of ~16 m 2 composed of two barbed-wire strands at different heights, baited with corn, salt, fruits and cinnamon powder. Samples were identified using hair microstructure. We identified 11 species-four globally and six nationally threatened-of which 63.6% were frugivorous. We found high species richness with a small sampling effort, indicating that hair traps can prove useful for isotopic ecology and other applied ecological studies.


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