Landis, M. B., Candisani, L., Munhoes, L. P., Gebin, J. C. Z., Rezende, F., Flores de Jesus, M. M., Medici, E. P., & Ferraz, K. M. P. M. de. (2020). First record of albino lowland tapirs (Tapirus terrestris Linnaeus 1758) in an important Brazilian Atlantic Forest hotspot. Mammalia, 0(0).

Ano de publicação: 2020

Albinism is the absence of pigmentation or coloration and is rarely found in nature. In this study we examined photos and videos obtained by cameras traps in the Legado das Águas Reserve. In the images, we identified two albino lowland tapirs. The results highlight the necessity of understanding the genetic diversity of lowland tapir populations and the important role of the professional photography associated with scientific research.


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