Cavalcanti, S. M. C., Crawshaw, P. G., & Tortato, F. R. (2012). Use of electric fencing and associated measures as deterrents to jaguar predation on cattle in the pantanal of Brazil. In Fencing for Conservation: Restriction of Evolutionary Potential Or a Riposte to Threatening Processes? (pp. 295–309).

Ano de publicação: 2012

The Pantanal of Brazil is an important area for jaguar, Panthera onca, conservation. Nevertheless, the region harbours the largest beef cattle herd of the country. Livestock depredation by jaguars creates conflict with ranchers, which makes the conservation of the species a challenging issue. We describe the use of electric fences and other management alternatives at a cattle ranch in the Pantanal, Brazil, as a measure to decrease jaguar predation. We also present an assessment of the use of electric fences as a deterrent for jaguars and pumas, Puma concolor in captive conditions in two zoological parks. We suggest that in certain settings, the method can be effective in reducing livestock depredation, provided proper equipment is used with adequate maintenance. Effectiveness in field conditions can be improved when used in conjunction with other management practices.


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